About Bare Elements


Our products contain no animal by-products and have never been tested on animals

Plastic Free

All product containers, labels, and shipping materials are plastic free, biodegradable/compostable

All Natural

Our products never contain any parabens, sulfates, artificial preservatives, fragrances, or dyes!

We are 100% Women Owned

Our Plastic-Free Journey

Bare Elements┬«, LLC started in December 2018 as two friends, Alanna and Jess, getting together just for fun to create a natural deodorant for personal use because they weren't having luck finding anything on the market. 

They were so excited with their initial success they wanted to share it with friends and custumers of Alanna's store, Aetheric Alchemy/The Emerald Tablet. They ordered in a small bulk of typical plastic containers without much thought. When the box of plastic came in the mail they were overwhelmed with the realization of just how much plastic is used in personal care packaging. They decided that they absolutely had to find an alternative to plastic packaging and the plastic-free mission was born.

Alanna and Jess officially released Bare Elements products on the shelves at Alanna's store, Aetheric Alchemy/The Emerald Tablet on Valentine's Day 2019. Friends and other custumers were so impressed by both the product and the packaging that they inspired Alanna and Jess to go bigger and open an Etsy shop. 

Continuing support from customers has allowed them to expand their product line, create an LLC, and trademark the name Bare Elements!

Currently the business is operating grass-roots. They hope to continue to build and grow so that one day they will be able to make charitable donations to causes that are important to them.

Since the "plastic nightmare" realization, Alanna and Jess have both joined the zero-waste movement and continue to strive towards plastic-free solutions not only in their products but in their every day lives.

Meet The Owners

Alanna Isis Knox


Alanna is an herbalist, spiritual guide, ancestral healer, and drum circle facilitator, as well as an entrepreneur! She is also the co-founder of Aetheric Alchemy/The Emerald Tablet located in Sharon, PA featuring loose leaf teas; crystals; workshops & more!

Jess Davis


Jess is a board-certified music therapist, soon to be a licensed professional counselor, who works with children and adolescents in an inpatient psychiatric setting. She is an advocate of holistic and systems approaches to health and wellbeing.

View the video below, which highlights most of our products!

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